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Noninvasive Ways to Improve Your Smile

If invasive procedures prevent you from enhancing your smile, you’re in luck. There are plenty of noninvasive ways to improve your smile. A dazzling smile restores confidence and improves self-esteem, and there are many ways to achieve that result.

At The Wilhelm Dental Group in La Plata, Maryland, our talented team is filled with smile experts. Dr. Wilhelm offers personalized treatment methods in which he advises you on the best smile based on your hair color, skin tone, lip shape, and gums. By approaching dental care with compassion and purpose, our comprehensive practice individualizes every treatment plan to meet your unique needs. 

That’s why we want to share the many noninvasive ways you can improve your smile.

Noninvasive treatments that make you want to smile

Suppose you’re always running the opposite direction of the selfie stick or strategically hiding behind a plant before the flash goes off. In that case, you might want to consider some of these easy and effective ways to begin to feel better about your smile.

Teeth whitening

Don’t waste time and money on drugstore teeth whitening kits. These products contain hydrogen peroxide that can damage your teeth, and, likely, you won’t get that bright smile you want. A 2019 report shows that drugstore whitening kits can harm the sensitive tissue that protects your tooth. 

Always consult a professional at the Wilhelm Dental Group before buying an over-the-counter product. Instead, our specialists provide professional-grade teeth whitening kits that are sure to make your smile sparkle.


Veneers aren’t just for celebrities anymore. They’re the most popular cosmetic dentistry treatment in improving smiles, and for good reason. Veneers are very thin caps made of porcelain, and they go over the top of a tooth. They’re entirely natural-looking, made of high-quality material designed to treat minor cosmetic imperfections. 

Veneers quickly upgrade any smile, and can improve issues like:


Metal-free restorations eliminate the need to hide large, old metal fillings in your mouth. The Wilhelm Dental Group uses innovative techniques and products like tooth-colored composite fillings to replace old ones. Not only does this give you an attractive smile, but it also keeps your mouth healthy. Replace old metal fillings for good oral hygiene and to improve your smile.

Beat your genes

Teeth become dull looking as you age. Dark foods and drinks may easily discolor your teeth. Perhaps you’ve noticed some yellowing over time. Genetics are partly to blame for how your teeth look, but cosmetic dentistry makes it possible to beat your genes and love your smile.

You can’t pause the clock on your smile, but you can turn back the hands of time with teeth whitening, veneers, and metal-free restorations. These noninvasive methods of improving your smile are quick and easy ways to boost your confidence and enhance your oral health. 

Are you ready to beautify your smile? Call us today at 301-453-8944 or send us a secure message.

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