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Your smile should look as good as it feels, and if aesthetic imperfections are holding it back from truly shining, cosmetic dentistry can help. Eric Wilhelm, DDS, provides incredible and individualized cosmetic dentistry services, making his patients proud of their smiles. To learn more, schedule a visit with The Wilhelm Dental Group in La Plata, Maryland. You can book your visit by phone or online.

Cosmetic Dentistry Q & A

What is cosmetic dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry is a dental specialty that’s dedicated to improving the appearance of your smile. While general dentistry focuses on making your smile as healthy as possible, cosmetic dentistry aims to make it as beautiful as possible. 

Why should I get cosmetic dentistry?

Your smile is a cornerstone of your look and one of the most vital tools for expressing yourself. 

But cosmetic defects in your teeth or gums can leave you feeling self-conscious and hold you back from wanting to fully share your smile with the world.

Cosmetic dentistry allows your smile to truly shine, effectively boosting your confidence, increasing your self-esteem, and making you and everybody around you happier.

What should I expect from cosmetic dentistry?

Your journey toward a more beautiful smile begins with a consultation. You discuss your aesthetic goals with Dr. Wilhelm, who helps you devise a treatment plan to achieve your dream smile. 

In designing your treatment plan, Dr. Wilhelm takes into account a number of your cosmetic features, like your skin tone, hair color, and the size, shape, and color of your lips and gums. This allows him to design a smile that not only shines brilliantly on its own, but works to complement and enhance the rest of your appearance.

What cosmetic services are available?

Some of the more popular cosmetic services at The Wilhelm Dental Group include:


Veneers are thin porcelain shells that are permanently affixed to the front of your teeth, where they improve your smile by covering up cosmetic defects, such as cracks, chips, and staining. Veneers radically transform your smile with a procedure that’s quick, easy, and minimally invasive.

At-home teeth whitening

Teeth whitening is the quickest way to instantly upgrade your smile, and The Wilhelm Dental Group offers convenient at-home whitening trays so that you can improve your smile from the comfort of your home. 

Metal-free restorations

Tooth-colored composite fillings are an excellent way to keep your teeth healthy without ruining the uniform appearance of your smile. You can even have old metal fillings replaced with tooth-colored composites to restore your smile’s shine.

Beautify your smile today by scheduling a cosmetic dentistry consultation at The Wilhelm Dental Group. You can book your visit by phone or online.