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Dentistry shouldn’t be scary or painful, and with the pain-free dentistry services offered at The Wilhelm Dental Group, it isn’t. Eric Wilhelm, DDS, takes every measure to ensure that his patients in La Plata, Maryland, are as comfortable and relaxed as possible during their procedures. To learn more, schedule a visit today by calling the office or booking online.

Pain Free Dentistry Q & A

What is pain free dentistry?

For some people, a trip to the dentist means dealing with an extra serving of anxiety. But The Wilhelm Dental Group practices pain-free dentistry in order to make its patients’ experience as enjoyable and effective as possible.

The Wilhelm Dental Group’s pain-free approach entails providing patients with comfortable surroundings, thorough explanations of their procedures, and high-tech anesthetics to make their dental procedures as relaxed and painless as possible.

What’s the process for getting local anesthesia?

The Wilhelm Dental Group offers local anesthetics for all of its procedures, so you don’t feel a thing during your dental treatment. 

Local anesthesia is delivered through a syringe, but Dr. Wilhelm first applies a topical anesthetic or numbing gel to the area he’s going to anesthetize to make your injection even easier. He then injects your gum or inner cheek with the anesthesia and waits a few minutes for it to take effect before beginning your procedure.

What is in a local anesthesia?

Local anesthetics are most typically composed of:

  • A numbing agent
  • A vasoconstrictor, which narrows your blood vessels and keeps you numb for longer
  • A chemical that prevents the vasoconstrictor from breaking down
  • Sodium hydroxide, which enhances the numbing agent
  • Sodium chloride, which assists in delivering the drugs into your bloodstream

Lidocaine is the most common numbing agent used today, though many people still associate Novacaine with dental anesthesia. Novocaine is actually no longer in general use because other drugs have been created that last longer and cause fewer allergic reactions.

What should I expect from my pain-free dentistry?

Because of the numbing gel, most patients don’t actually feel the needle during their anesthesia injection. You might feel a slight pinch or sting, but this is actually just the sensation of the anesthetic moving into your tissue.

The injected area stays numb throughout your entire procedure, with the anesthesia generally wearing off within a few hours. You’ll likely still be numb when you leave the office, which can make it slightly difficult to speak, eat, or drink through a straw. 

Your functioning and feeling will be perfectly normal once the anesthesia wears off, but be sure to avoid biting down on the treated area while it’s still numb, since you can hurt yourself without noticing it at first.

To learn more about how The Wilhelm Dental Group’s pain-free dentistry can make your trip to the dentist a more enjoyable experience, schedule a visit today by calling the office or booking online.